Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear Left IT Band

C - 5.1 miles, 48:40

Now I really want to know how fast yesterday's run was.  My legs were totally worn out today.  I felt like I should be moving, but really the pavement under my feet wasn't disappearing as fast as it should have.
Me "running" in Vegas.  Clearly working too hard...
When we were running 12 miles+stairs in Vegas my left IT band started spasming- it never hurt and if it had gone crazy I would have stopped.  I simply felt it - an experience that I had never felt again before today.  Like Vegas, I didn't feel it when I stopped running, and I don't feel it most of the time when I am running, but it still happened and I am determined to preempt any remote possibility of injury.  Therefore, I will foam roller tonight (though I really don't feel anything), and I'll ice it tomorrow after I run.  So there left IT band.  I'm going to try to keep you happy, so please stop making your presence known.

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