Friday, January 6, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

C - 0 miles, lots of sort-of push ups

D and I fly out of Boston later today to start the big road trip.  While he's at work, I'm madly plotting running routes and bustin' out some push ups.  It's a lot harder to plot running routes when you don't know anything about a city (what are the best streets to run on? where are the hills?  where are the destinations?).  I've been alternating between running websites, google maps, blogs, etc.  The hardest route to plan was around the Grand Canyon because I'd like us to run on the flat Rim Trail, but I can't figure out landmarks and what conditions might be like.  Our runs this trip may be a little random :)

I forgot my big plan to take a picture of D when he left for work with all of his traveling things. Instead, I pretty much rolled over in bed and fell back asleep.  So you'll have to wait til I get a picture of D on the trip.   In the meantime, here is my "we're off" picture - with lululemon running jacket, running backpack and GUs in hand.  Let's do this!  With some luck, tomorrow morning will be running in Boulder!
There are several where I captured more door than running gear .. they get progressively worse :)

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