Thursday, March 29, 2012

My first run with SRR

D - Ran 7.36 miles total
1.6 mile warm-up run
4.06 miles - 33:54
1.7 miles cool down

Today I got to cross an item off my to do list: I met up with the Somerville Road Runners for there Thursday night USTAF certified 4.05 mile run.

I started off with a nice slow run from my house to the starting line: Just in time I might add. No sooner had I signed in, than we were off.

The run itself was not very social for me. I settled in about a block behind a group - and a bit before the group behind me. It was nice to not have to worry about where I was going, and it set me up for a pretty nice pace - i was going for half-marathon pace. It turned out to be 8:22 - which I would be happy with at RTR.

After the run, most of the group (pictured above) waited for the rest of the runners to finish before heading down the street for pizza and beer. That's when I met John. He's going to be running the Run to Remember as well in his first Half Marathon (if you're reading this welcome to a very addicting club). Considering he's posted a few very impressive 5k times (sub 20 minutes if I remember correctly) he might be able to pull in a sub 1:40 for his first.

As we were drinking a beer (which he nicely bought me since the credit card machine was down and I was sans cash) he told me about the one high school XC race he was in. His splits were 5:30, 7:30 then 12 minutes. That makes me feel a lot better about my New Bedford pacing "strategy".

Well - I am a fan of SRR, and will have to check it out again. At the very least to buy John a beer. 

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