Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Fells Run

Sunday's Run:
C and her roomate with
Born to Run Author
C and D ran for 2 hours in the woods

This weekend brought us sad news from the wold of running. First brought to my attention by some scientist with a funny name, Micah True was found dead, with no known cause of death. Micah was brought to C and my attention in the book Born to Run. Aside from a great story, the book featured so many inspirational and incredible runners, all of who were in awe of Micah "Caballo Blanco" True.

For our Sunday run we fittingly ended up running the Fells again. This time the roles were reversed. Worrying about being cold if I had to slow up for C and her troubled knee. Instead, I found myself overheating and dehydrating only a few miles into the run. Suddenly, C was waiting for me at the top of hills (fortunately the downhills gave me a chance to keep up). Despite feeling like a fast paced hike at times, I really enjoyed being in the woods, not worrying about time or distance - and in Caballo Blanco style, it was just running for fun.

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