Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tapering week begins

D - 3 miles 27 minutes (Tuesday)

Welcome to tapering week! That means ridiculously low mileage going up to race weekend. Its a chance to gain some energy, heal a bit  and have C bounce off the walls for 6 days Until she blasts off the starting line like she's out to win the race.

In all fairness, she has gotten better at pacing
It is really funny how I spent the last few months arranging my schedule around my running (or vice versa) - and i was particularly successful at getting runs, some almost an hour, in before work. Now, with a set of three mile runs, I can get them in before or after work with no problem - and still go off and do other things.

It's almost like being on vacation... except going to work everyday and not going anywhere.