Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Politics on the run

D - Ran 3.05 miles 28:49

Run two of taper week: That means trying to keep it slow and steady and focusing on my form and... wait, i just missed my turn.... On a positive note: It feels funny to only be running 3 miles, but I think the rest period is doing wonders for my hip. I judged my run distance by feel and time, and came pretty darn close. 
Running for Office

Tonight, I came across an article in runnersworld about how far to train to run a half. I'm not sure how he reaches the conclusion that distance training isn't necessary for a half marathon because 5k elites can run it fine their first competition. For me, the double digit days make all the difference both mentally, and judging by how much quicker I recovered from my second half-marathon, physically. 

On a lighter note, there is a race I wish I could be in DC to cheer on. its a race made up of  "teams led by senators, representatives, cabinet or sub-cabinet appointees, agency heads, federal judges, or TV, radio, and print journalists." How cool is that?

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