Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Training Schedule for M

D - Ran 6 miles: 53:10

Today winter seems to be giving one last reminder that I do in fact live in New England, and not Florida as the last few months' weather would suggest. I woke up a bit before 6am, and hit the road in 23 degree temperature just as the sun was starting to come up. It turned out to be a great, evenly paced run with very little traffic (pedestrians, runners or cars).

It was a bit tough getting motivated this morning. After two weeks of getting to sleep in, it's tough to pop out of bed. It doesn't help that I went to a Yelp! event that featured oxtail chili, jalapeno mashed potatoes, assorted cheeses and inspired Bourbon based drinks. None of that makes for a great eating, but not the night before you run snack.

I met up with my friend Michelle at the event. She is hoping to run a half marathon in 7 weeks... and hasn't really been training. She's done one before - so using my usual formula, I'm betting it's enough time. Of course, it really only applies to if you can train to finish, not to PR.

I've read over and over again that your weekly mileage should not exceed half of your total weekly mileage. To be safe, it should actually be even less than that. Also, you should not increase your distance by more than 10% for both the weekly mileage or your furthest run. Once again, this is just playing it safe.
So, someone who is comfortably running 6 miles as their distance run:

week 1: Weekly distance of 17 miles: Distance run of 7 miles
week 2: Weekly distance of 18 miles: Distance run of 8 miles
week 3: Weekly distance of 20 miles: Distance run of 9 miles
week 4: Weekly distance of 22 miles: Distance run of 10 miles
week 5: weekly distance of 24 miles: Distance run of 11 miles
week 6: Weekly distance of 26 miles: Distance run of 11 or 12 miles
week 7: Tapering week leading up to 13.1 race.  (mon: off, tues, wed, thurs - 3miles, fri- off)

It's not an ideal training plan, but it should get her across the finish line.

We also talked about cross training a bit. On Friday, I dropped my bike off at Paramount Bicycle to be tuned up (and some minor repairs). I really can't wait to start biking to work a few days a week again. Biking, elliptical, swimming and any other non-impact aerobic activity adds valuable time to training without the physical (and literal) beating of the pavement. I think, when trying to cram in a 7 week schedule, cross training might be the only way to cram in more 'mileage'.

Either way, I wish Michelle the best of luck!


  1. Thanks D :) And for the record, I've done TWO halfs, not one! Not that this makes me an expert by any stretch of the imagination (as demonstrated by how horribly I'm preparing for this one...ugh). We'll see if I can get back on track. Here's hoping

  2. Sorry, I forgot you had the guts to run the Newton Chilly Half in November! Vicky will be running the BAA Half (oct I believe) so if your May one is less than stellar, you'll have all summer to train for a real PR.
    And I'm less than an expert too, doesn't stop me from giving out advice.