Friday, March 2, 2012

Milling About

D - Tredmilled 5 miles - 42 minutes (yesterday)
- Day off today! 
I think the ultimate mental endurance excercise for me is running any distance on the tredmill. I'd say I hate it, but considering the snow covered ice of an excuse for sidewalks, I'm happy to be able to run indoors. However, ten minutes into a tredmill run, I won't be about to admit it. It it wasn't for listening to Marathon Talk (which I love they let you download old episodes), or NPR I don't think I could do much past 20 minutes. One time, I just gave up on the tredmill halfway through a 6 mile run, and just went out into the freezing rain

Aside from staying safe and warm (too warm in my gym's case) there are a few advantages of running on a redmill.
  • Watching TV - I get to combine the two biggest time-sucks of my life into one awesome activity
  • An excuse to listen to PodCasts. (CarTalk, MarathonTalk, ThisAmericanLife, and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me are some of my favorites to listen to.
  • I get to check myself out in the mirror while I run - no, not like Narcissus, but instead to watch my right foot hit in that funny way and try to stop it from doing that.
  • Setting the grade to 1.0 - I've found a slight slope to the tredmill can help on days I'm sore. It reduces the impact a bit, makes the run physically more challenging, and can be your excuse the guy next to you has his set faster (his slope is zero -pssh)
  • Setting the pace - tredmills, even if they're not super accurate, still keep a constant pace. This is tough on the streets, so its good to know you'e running consistently (or slowly pushing up the pace to 'beat' the guy next to you)
  • Because rules are meant to be broken - it's fun to see the signs "limit your time on the cardio machines to 30 minutes" (of course, I wouldn't do this during peak hours when anyone cares)
  • Shorts - yeah, it hasn't been that cold of winter - but I've been running in long pants since November. Its nice to be in short sleeves and shorts and still dripping sweat.
So, it's good to change things up once in a while - but I'm looking forward to running outside this weekend.

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