Monday, March 5, 2012

6 way intersection and other navigation problems

D - Sun: Ran 13.75 miles - 2hrs 12minutes (9:36 pace)
      Mon: Day off

As I've said, there are a lot of great reasons to switch up running routes once in a while. Of course, there are also some issues with new routes if I don't print out a map. A 13 mile run can gain some mileage (better than loosing some) when I hit a 6 way intersection I swore was a 5 way ... and there is only one street sign (not the one I'm looking for). Turning a few streets early doesn't help things either...
Otherwise the run felt great and fairly relaxing after a mile or so. I flew out on the first mile (8:36 I believe) and then settled into a comfortable pace (except when stopping to figure out what went wrong). The run took me out to a few new locations I haven't hit before - and I saw a few things that made me smile.
Why this run was awesome:
Unrelated photo of C and me (2008)
  • I had a short jaunt through a mud covered, but very pretty wooded trail around a pond.
  • I saw kids fishing, and I saw kids sledding (only this winter would both happen).
  • I went down a street I'd never been on and saw some of the coolest houses in the area.
  • The run was under ten minute miles - and I didn't feel like I was pushing myself
  • I saw owners throwing snowballs to their dog (who couldn't figure out why they'd dissappear when they hit the ground).
To wrap up a great day, C showed up at sixish. We went out to a great modern italian resturaunt, L'Impasta (I keep reading it as Limp Pasta... which I don't think was what they were going for). Nothing is better after a long run than a big plate of pasta. And truffle oil and wild mushroom housemade whole wheat pasta at that.

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