Thursday, March 8, 2012

And we're back

C and D - Ran 5miles on Monday (together!) ... 50+ minuites
D Ran - Ran 6 miles 54:58

Sorry its been a while since we've posted. Part of the reason was a great end of the weekend visit from C, a run I'd rather not recap on Monday (lots of complaining on both our parts), some great frozen yogurt, and then catching up a laundry list of things... including laundry.
Zinga's in Fenway
The frozen yogurt was awesome. I got turned on to PinkBerry by another blogger, so I was excited to find a very similar place feet from my work's t-stop. Of course, not nearly as excited as C.

For now, as excited as I am about the race coming up (just over one week), I'm stressing a bit out about a random tendon (or maybe muscle) somewhere between my hip and my lower back. Fortunately, running at a reasonable pace doesn't agitate it, so I haven't had to miss any runs. Its just always amazes me how runners, myself included, can let the smallest things really gnaw at them. Of course, we always tend to ignore big blaring warning signs too (like running on a broken toe before its healed).

So: To foam roll, or not to foam roll - that is the question.
Wether tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The pains and aches of the inflamed tendon
or to take foam against a leg of trouble
and by rolling end them.

or maybe rolling is causing the problem and it needs rest... as I said, us runners really let things gnaw at us.

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