Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dear D

Wed- 6 miles, 57 mins
Thursday- 4 miles, 38 mins

Dear D, 

We actually ran together on Tuesday, not Monday, and it was 5 miles, in 49 minutes, in 17 degree weather.  You seem a little fuzzy on the details, so just thought I'd remind you :) Much Love, C

My running this week has not been stellar.  I'm still fighting the infamous cold and have felt very tired.  While today's run doesn't sound so great, the last mile or so was probably the best running that I've done in two weeks.  Silly sickness, go away now please.  Need health, want to race, want energy, sound like caveman.

After a very chilly run with D on Tuesday morning, the rest of exercising this week has been very hot, and not just because I ran in 65 degree weather today (jealous? I'm actually jealous of my "pseudo-spring" run today, it was so unexpectedly wonderful).  I've been working out in the heat because I tried out Bikram yoga with some friends Tuesday night.  For those not in the know, this means that I was doing yoga in a 100+ degree room for 90 minutes.  I wasn't sold on the idea then, and I'm still not, however we got a discount package so I'm giving it a try.

I looked sort of like this, only I was covered in sweat and falling over...
Things that I learned during my Bikram yoga experience:
1. I sweat a lot more than my beautifully glowing friends.
2. If you try to leave the sauna/oven/workout room before the session is over the yoga instructor will scold you.
3. I am actually decent at the yoga poses that require leg strength (like the one above, which I held until I lost my grip because I was so sweaty).
4. I will never be able to hold my foot with my leg straight in front of me because my arms are not long enough.
5. There is no such thing as too much water before a Bikram yoga session.
6. When a yoga instructor talks about "releasing toxins," he really just means you'll sweat a lot.  Clearly he needs to run more, and he'll release plenty of toxins.
7. No sport is as fun as running.

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