Friday, March 23, 2012

On a break

D- enjoying a few days off

It's funny to feel so bad about doing the right thing.

What started off as a day off after the half has quickly turned into almost a week. My hip is starting to feel better, and aside from restless sleeping - I think this whole resting thing is doing wonders. It will come to an end either today or tomorrow, but it's been a good break while it lasted.
Another 'on vacation' picture (Zurich,CH)
C and I (who I got to see yesterday on her way back from DC) aren't the only ones on a break right now. One of our favorite blogs, Ali on The Run, is currently Ali on The Rest. Her blog I Am Not Running The Eugene Marathon was picked up by Runners' World.

For me, I loved hearing her comment "I learned a lot about running, but I forgot why I started to run: for fun". It brings me back to how much fun it was to start logging miles again after 8 years. There is a very razor thin line between worrying about improving and still enjoying the sport.

The summer of 2010, when I broke my big toe in three places, I couldn't run (or really walk). This was, ironically, the best thing to happen to my comittment to running. It was 6 months of not running, and 2 months of not working out at all, that made me ache for the open road. I missed out on skiing... but aside from being cranky instead of excited when it snowed, it didn't bother me. I missed out on rock climbing, but I hardly missed it. I had to quit dodgeball, and while I missed my friends there - it was running that was physically and mentally torture to not be able to do.

So, I've fully embraced my week of recovery - but I am thankful that tonight or tomorrow (my choice) I can hit the road at will. And I know, when I'm pounding the pavement, even though I have lofty goals before I'm 34, I will be out there for the most important reason - for fun.

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