Saturday, March 3, 2012


D - Ran 3 miles ... forgot to start my stopwatch

Today I woke up excited it was raining. Some days I'm actually excited about the rain itself, but that's usually when its 70 and it's a nice warm rain. The rain today meant a few convenient things for me:

I had an excuse to do my 13 miles tomorrow (when its going to beautiful). I've been a bit tired on my runs, had a really late night late at work, and haven't been drinking enough water. By themselves, those aren't enough reasons to put off a long run, but add in rain, and I think it will mean a much more productive run tomorrow.

I got to try out a new rain jacket I picked up a month ago (conveniently just passed the return by date) from Columbia. Fortunately, it worked out pretty well! Kept me dry, but didn't trap much sweat on the inside the jacket. Except the hood. My head was soaked when I got back, and I'm pretty sure its mostly sweat. So C, when you were complaining your jacket didn't have a hood, I'm not sure how useful they actually are.

The other item was a pair of tights. Yes, I ran in tights today. And it was amazing. And yes, I wore them under shorts. They're warm, and don't get soggy like long pants in the rain.

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