Monday, March 26, 2012

62 days to go

D - Sunday: Ran 5 miles without a watch
Monday: Day off

A message from C on Saturday: "oi, ran 3 miles tippy cup style".

Tippy cup probably isn't a good thing - but New Bedford hosted a tough race, and it's only been a week. Which is why this week's plan was carefully crafted with the concept that our bodies might want/need two weeks of recovery.

The plan is to alternate a medium distance run (slated at 6 miles, but can be five if needed) with short runs (3 miles) then a ten miler over the weekend. The idea is that we can still work up an okay weekly mileage (28 miles) with plenty of recovery time between everything.

The plan there after is to transition back into the last half of Glover's training schedule - and hope that it helps us drop some time in May at the Run to Remember. (62 days to go - that's 9 weeks)

Excitingly: they will have GU and Gatorade and 10 water stations!
(thank you C for forwarding that email)

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