Wednesday, April 18, 2012


D- Ran 6 miles... really needs to find his stop watch

C sent me an email today with the subject line "inspirational?" telling me she was thinking of me and proud of me. I'm guessing it was a pick-me up message, since my running has been suffering a bit, as has my general energy level. Its always nice to be thought of, so much appreciated message.

As a bit of mixed message, the one line email ended with a link to a story about the Boston Champ, Wesley Korir. Apparently, only a matter of months before he ran the Boston Marathon, Wesley came down with Typhoid fever. He trained through it. Which, I can only imagine, after training with Typhoid fever, a warm day in Boston must have seemed like a walk in the park.

I'll have to figure out what she's proud of me for. Maybe its getting this awesome picture of W. Korir trucking it up Heart Break Hill. Or, maybe she actually meant to email that to Wesley Korir instead of me.

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