Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Penwood run/hike

C and D - Ran 8(ish) trail miles Saturday
D - Ran 5.8 miles Sunday
D - Ran 5 miles in 44 minutes Tuesday

On Sunday, as I previously suggested we hit up the trails, in hopes of it being easier on C's knee. I probably should have paid more attention to the fact there was a look-out point on the map and checked out the topography ahead of time. Instead, we proceded to run/hike a rocky, stick and root strewn, hilly trail up and down an intimidating hill. It literally turned to steep stairs at one point. 12 miles turned to 6 on the trial + 2 miles on a much kinder trail that side-stepped the mountain.
I have to say, as much as we worry about missing the over-all distances, I've woken up pretty sore after last two trail run outings. Going into the summer, I might try to hit more of these on shorter days to build up my leg muscles. The constant up and down of trails, that most cars couldn't deal with, should prep me for any road-race hill I have to hit.
Now, I just have to be able to actually RUN the trails.

familiar trails
To make up for our shorter distance, I decided to add a couple miles to my Sunday recovery run. It consisted of one big hill on the way to a relatively flat park. I would have had a time for this, but I got distracted on my way back. A car, going way to fast, decided to be nice and move a bit over for me. He didn't notice the car coming over the hill. He clipped side view mirrors with the other car - shattering the other car's mirror - as he sped off.
I stuck around for the cops to come as the owner of the hit car cried quite a bit between (and during) calling the police and her parents. A good suggestion for calling loved ones, after an accident, is to start of telling them you're ok. Of course, crying, and not saying that does get them there a lot faster.

After beautiful new scenery, familiar wooded trails and (not-so) high speed car crashes - todays 5 miler was down-right uneventful. However, my body felt 'slow' the whole time. Looking back at the time, I was holding a good pace (for me). I wish I could pin-point where the feeling is coming from - since this weekend we have a 15 miler slated. I'll have to make decision about backing off from it, running it slow, or going for a descent pace. We're doing it on our own (if I do 15, it will be my longest run) - so I think a good strategy is in order.
That or just bring a ton of caffienated gel.

And now for some Pics of C running in Penwood
C being told to 'look like you're running fast'

C actually running fast
The trail turned un-runable on a few occasions
but it was worthwhile for segments like this

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