Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1 mile an hour

D- Tuesday Ran 6 miles: 51:42
      Wednesday Ran 6 miles: 56:41

Last night I put in a late 6 mile run. Then pace (just under goal half marathon) was set, mostly because I was curious how fast I was going. Without a fancy GPS watch, I just take note of my mile splits, and check my watch when I hit them. That means, if I hit a pace that you want to time I hold it for a mile. Or, in this case when I forget where a few of my mile markers are, I hold it for 6. 

So, after a brisk (for me) six mile run, I went to bed, got up and ran again. The pace for that one was all over the place - but I was pretty tired. It felt like I was going a mile an hour. Actually, since I ran 12 miles within 12 hours (I started the first one at 7:30pm, ended the second one at 7am) I was averaging a mile an hour....

Its's probably better not to think that way though. 

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