Thursday, April 12, 2012

D - Ran 5 miles 44:30 (yesterday)

So, today's morning run didn't happen. Between getting dinner with co-workers (quessadillas, clams and sam summer are not a great pre-race snack), and my roommate wanting to show off his new(to him) motorcycle, it was 9:30 before I even starting running.

So, I woke up a too late for a run, and started stressing how I would fit a run in between work and a dance practice (it's a choreographed dance for a wedding I'm going to in May that strangely makes my hip feel better). Right about then, I got a message saying that practice had been moved back a half hour - so it all works out.

Sadly, I can't do SRR, but I will hopefully run into John to buy him a beer some time soon.

The other exciting (ok not really) news was that I got a package from Gilt. One of my favorite trends of the last few years have been the proliferation of discount sites. Groupon, Living Social, Gilt, woot, Steep and Cheep - all give out the occasional great deal.

Gilt was a bad combination of way too trendy and pricey for me, but I still checked in from time to time. Last week I was pleasantly surprised by New Balance having a sale. 12 dollar dry-fit shirts are hard to beat. Ideeli has a similar sale up for women, so C, if you read this, you should check it out.
(disclaimer: Groupon and Gilt give me a kick back if you sign up through my links)

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