Wednesday, December 28, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

D - Ran 4 miles ~36 minutes

Todays run was a bit sluggish from holiday stresses, a few nights with less than desired sleep etc. However, forcing myself up, and doing my run regardless, felt pretty darn good. Now I'm settling into my desk.

Aside from my Terra Cotta Warrios C brought me back from china that now protect my desk (as an FYI, they do not protect against computers randomly crashing) one of my favorite things on my desk is my Bodum Coffee press (right now brewing tea). This has been an improvement over the insta-coffee machine we have, and much cheaper than starbucks. I just wish it removed the tea/coffee better, after a bit it gets to be very strong.

As a runner, who needs caffeine, this is a much better alternative to having soda on a daily basis.

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