Friday, December 30, 2011

Breakfast of champions

D- Ran 5.1 miles ~ 48 minutes

I think I was feeling the run from yesterday a bit, but it still felt good (though I felt like I was going faster).
My breakfast: The other day I bought a sesame seed bar from a corner store near my work. It was really good, so I grabbed this coconut flavored bar the last time I was there thinking it could be interesting.

Bar contains: Coconut, Rice Syrup... that is all. This bar was literally a brick of shaved coconut! It kind of reminds me of the sweetened shaved coconut my mom used to put in our waffles growing up. This bar is probably not the healthiest breakfast (29g of sugar!), or the greatest post work out food (only 1.4 grams of protien) - but it was a great alternative to a regular candy bar and something different.

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