Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our First Post: Questions for C

To start off our Blog I thought it would be great to do a quick Q&A for C. Don't worry, this will not be our usual format!

D: You did some light running in high school (a season of cross country), but what motivated you to get back into running, and then take on distance running?

C:  I started running again when I moved back home to start graduate school.  I needed an outlet that was separate from school and home, and I wanted to feel as if I was moving forward (no pun intended!).  It was rewarding to run further and further each week, and I enjoyed having complete control over my running, when I couldn't always control how my research was going at school. 

D: Now that you've logged a half dozen Half Marathons, what is your goal for your next one? What's your ultimate goal, and how cool is it on Athlinks for your halves your "latest" and "Best" are the same race!

C:  :) My next goal is to beat you silly!  Seriously, when D and I began running I could run farther and I was faster at distances over a mile.  Now, he beat me at our last half marathon, and he's practically lapping me when we run short distances.  I knew he would eventually be faster, but it has been a humbling experience and I'm enjoying the challenge of trying to keep up while I can.  
My ultimate time goal is to qualify for Boston- it may never happen, but I'd sure like to try.  My long term goal is to run as long as possible and to continue enjoying it.  Placing in local races and collecting some cute arm bands would be nice too...

D: How about some inspiration. Out of your races, what was your favorite one, and more importantly, your favorite moment?

C:  My favorite race was my first half marathon- the Niagara Falls International Half Marathon.  It was rewarding to know that I could race that far- plus it was held on a beautiful day, the course sloped gently downward the whole way, the course support was great, and my parents were waiting for me at the top of the Falls!   
Niagara Falls International Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km, 5km - Sunday October 24, 2010
My favorite moment was during a recent thanksgiving 5k, just after D cheered me to the finish, he and I went to "run in" the rest of my family members.  It was so wonderful to see everyone enjoying themselves and pushing themselves to the finish!!

D: To stay motivated, research running techniques and to read about other runners, what are your favorite websites, books or magazines?

C: I actually love podcasts- I listen to them sometimes when I run (it's a great way to get through a long run, if you're struggling with the length of time that you have to be out there).  Best podcast for runners? Marathon Talk!! No question, the British hosts know what they're talking about and have fun with their weekly show.
I also enjoy other running blogs- we all like different things, but I'm a fan of Sweat Once A Day and Ali on the Run :)

D: Do you have any tips for our readers on balancing what must be a ton of work in your final year of graduate school, a needy boyfriend and still find time to run?

C: I have a needy boyfriend? I'd argue the opposite.  You're very supportive, and it helps to have someone to talk obsessively about running to!  I get a lot out of running- I feel healthier and stronger, and I get a mental break from whatever I'm working on.  Finding time can be difficult, but it's something I genuinely look forward to- so I find a way.

D: Lastly, we all want to know, why did you decide to start a blog?

C: Who is we? :) This idea was yours, and I'm looking forward to seeing it develop.  

Time to for your questions...

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