Thursday, January 10, 2013

New England Winter Runs

After a very busy end of very busy 2012, I think we're going to be getting back into the swing of blogging - but definitely not as frequently as we did before. Since I've been gone, and C mentioned, we've had a few big races, and some great PRs. I'm still chasing my 5k time, but I finally broke the 1:50 mark at the Boston Athletics Association's Half a few months back (1:48:04). I ran a five miler for the first time in three years at the Edaville Rail Run (a PR at 38:58 - which hopefully won't stand for long) on dirt roads through cranberry bogs.
We're still moving along - and right now we've started our training schedule for two events this Spring. March 23rd is the Savin Rock Half Marathon and May 4th and 5th will bring us the Fredrick Running Festival's Nut Job (6pm 5k, followed by an 8am 1/2 marathon).  My hope is that the 5k the evening before we let me sleep better and stretch out before the half. I will be thrilled if I can finally bring my time to a sub 1:45 - at least the pacing C needs to qualify for the Boston marathon.
For now, its all about getting into the habit of running 5 days a week (Jantastic helps) and increasing my mileage. I seem to be working late every day and most weekends, so this is going to be tough- but you know what they say: "if you make it a priority - you find laundry piling up and an empty fridge..." or something like that. At least those runs get done.

This weekend I got in a beautiful 8-9 mile run (pictures below). I left work on Sunday with just enough time to get an 8 miler before the sun set. It was relatively warm (40s) not too much of a breeze, and I had plotted out a new course. It started off going through a little park (part of the Fens) across the street from office, then out to the river. I was supposed to do a little loop through the Harvard Athletic fields - but I ran into an obstacle.
I got to enjoy a sunset, a few new neighborhoods, a new park and it served as a great reminder to stay off the treadmill.
Beautiful Parks - a cleared path and white snow, the ideal New England winter run

A fence across your path - not exactly ideal

Sunset over the frozen Charles - I'll never got bored of that view. (Though I hear the Potomac is pretty too)

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