Monday, January 14, 2013

6 way interesctions, running shoes and candy

 D - Ran 10-11ish miles

gotta love unexpected 6 way intersections
I am really excited to be getting a Garmin soon: Sunday's run is the perfect example of why I could use one. I carefully plotted out my course into a section of Boston I don't run in - really paranoid I'd take a wrong turn and mess up my run. Of course, once I hit Franklin Park, I though I'll just follow the path and be fine. Wow... there were a lot of intersections, semi intersections, tunnels, twists. I ended up coming out the wrong side of the park (and not realizing it) attempted to guide myself back. Squinting at the tiny map, I got back on track, got lost, go back on track again. Saw some interesting signs (see photo) that were a little less than helpful.

But overall, it was really nice to run in somewhere new.
Later that day I picked up a new pair of running shoes for the gym so I don't kill my ridiculously expensive Newton Gravities doing weight lifting. That's when I found what is probably going to be Charlotte's favorite location in Boston. Its a running store next to a candy store across the street from the Boston Public Library.

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