Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Running Gear & Goofy Running Medals

 C- 10ish miles, 1hr 36min  (M- 4 miles, T- 5 miles, W- 3 miles)

It's very easy to fall into running routines.  While I've been moving from place to place, running has been a constant thing.  I put on the same running clothes, run with the same ipod and strap, and wear the same running belt.  It's comforting, but I can run products into the ground without realizing it- like the time I tried to donate my old running shoes and realized that I'd already worn a hole clean through the sole of one.

The Old-
Yes, the front cover is almost entirely off and the ipod is disintegrating, but I think it says "work hard, play hard" :)
Nerdy chique

So this season, I'm going to try a updating my running gear.  Hopefully, fresh new strong gear = fresh new strong running.  I've got a new running watch to replace my dead one.  I've got a new ipod and to replace my old rusting ipod.  I've got a new ipod strap to replace the old, which was so broken that I've been holding it in my hand as I've run for the past year.  (Yeah I know, way too long).  I haven't quite replaced my water belt, but it's got new bottles and a new heavy duty paper clip to hold it down (I can sense D rolling his eyes through the computer :).

The New-

Yay- actual time reading!
Ready to Run..

Goofy Running Medals

So D already mentioned my other running motivator this season- the goofy "nut job medal" - which is shaped like a chestnut.  It's surprisingly easy to get me to run a 5k at 6pm and a half at 7am the next morning, if you promise to give me an additional silly medal.  I'd love to hear of any other goofy running medals worth collecting out there!

I've also heard of people running marathons to run a race for every letter of the alphabet.  I'm not sure if I could do all marathons, but if I could mix halfs and future fulls... I'm tempted!

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