Sunday, January 27, 2013

Running through the cold dark days

C- 10 miles; pilates (T, W, Th, Fri- 5 miles)

As the whole east coast knows, this week has been an especially frigid one.  Three things got me running in the cold this week:

(1) Jantastic
(2) The GW Birthday Classic 10k that D and I are running in less than a month, and
(3) Keeping up with D

((Comfort food also helps))
Tuesday night in the cold wasn't fun.  Wednesday night was ugly.  Thursday night I got myself out the door by putting on a gazillion layers, then felt sick after the first mile because I was so darn overheated.  I still haven't mastered the right clothing to temperature ratio, but at least on Friday I wasn't slowing down to keep from burning up.

Or healthy ones anyway!
My goal for Saturday was to go to pilates, then to take my long run on Sunday.  In fact, I made it to pilates just in time on Saturday.. then realized I didn't bring my yoga pants (jeans aren't exactly Fuse appropriate).  Net result- today was a little brutal with a 10 miler and pilates, but I'm still walking (no promises on tomorrow!).

I'm so grateful that D and I don't have a scheduled run tomorrow.  I'll run in the dark, I'll run in the cold, I'll run in the snow, and I'll run in a mix of all three, but I refuse to run in all of that PLUS cold rain.  Gotta drawn the line somewhere!

PS- D- Love the running store/library/candy store locale.  When are we going?? :0)

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