Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finding that Running Mojo

Monday- Pilates
Tuesday- 6 miles 
Wednesday- 6 miles

Since all the blogs are doing it- HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!  Hope you got in some good miles.

To celebrate the day and to take advantage of a good discount, my awesome, new-to-distance-running friend, D, and I all registered for this--->

The race isn't until February, but I'm already super psyched!  D and I previously avoided for-proft races, however I've talked to one running friend who loved this race.  Plus, it's an excellent excuse to go to NOLA and hear some music as we run.  So for this race, I'll make an for-profit exception.  Bring it!

In other news, it has cooled off somewhat this week, so I'm back at running with a vengeance.  Or trying to find my running mojo anyway.  I even got an inexpensive running visor to wear when it's hot and sunny out, since my regular hat seems to trap too much heat on 90plus degree days.  My attempts at photographing said visor were not particularly impressive..


Getting frustrated

and fail...

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