Saturday, June 22, 2013

Finally a sub-23 minute 5k

C- 9 miles

Warning- running numbers and general running geekiness ahead...

The difference between my 5k pace and my half marathon pace has confused me for a while.  Since I ran 13.1 miles at 7:59/mile, shouldn't I be able to run 3.1 faster than 7:35/mile (my pace from our 5k in December)?  I know I don't have much sprinter-type speed in me, but an extra 10 miles only slows me down 24 seconds/mile?

Well, I finally found a little more 5k speed last Saturday. A 7:16/mile, 22:35 5k, thank you very much!
Recommended 5k - great cause, great locale, well run.

D and I don't train for 5ks, but I generally don't run the day before a 5k (and sometimes I cut down my running distance the day before that).  Since I'm apparently horrible at doing any type of speed work, I view the shorter distance races as a way of at least pushing my speed once in a while.  My lungs sound really ugly when I'm running at my version of top speed, so I have no interest in making short races my primary goal races.

Still, I'd love to get a little faster.  A 21:44 5k (7 minutes/mile) sounds like a painful, but a realistic reach goal for the future.  McMillan thinks this pace translates to a 1:40:42 half ((ouch)).  Plus, at that 5k speed, D should have to push his racing limits to beat me.

Watch out beautiful Vermont- I'm coming to try to take another one of your ribbons
(PS- doesn't my father look great post-race with his ribbon? wondering what it would take to get him to race again...) 

I haven't found any other 5ks that fit into my schedule-- a 5k scheduled for today was just too soon after last week's 5k to justify spending $40.  However, I have found a non-chip timed, short, tiny race in Vermont next month.  Biggest challenge will be not having D there to yell at me to slow down.
Bring it.

Running Hero du jour- this awesome 93 year old racing on Mt. Washington

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