Tuesday, November 20, 2012

'Tis the Season.. For Short Races

C- 0 miles (4 miles yesterday)

So my original plan for this week was run 4 miles on Monday, run 2-3 miles today, take Wednesday off, and run a hilly 5k for Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, my plan did not factor in the fact that my butt would still be sore two days after pilates..

File:Pilates 01.jpg
Love pilates, but moves like this one are literally kicking my butt
Did I need to take today off? Probably not, but I'm not currently training for a long race and I really would like to have a decent Thanksgiving day race.  Also, the race will be hilly, so it'd be nice to start without a sore butt.  I am not really aiming for a PR with this one... but I would like to finally crush 23 minutes sometime soon.

So, in order to meet that 5k goal, I had to find another race.

5k #2

I found a promising race in Boston in early December, but it's a bit overpriced.  Still, D kindly agreed that we'll race it when I'm up there, so I'm designating the Boston race my will-break-my-PR race.  More on the December 5k later, but D thinks that a crowded start to the race may be the answer to my running-the-first-mile-way-too-fast inability to pace.

Blue Back Mitten Run logo
Not running this 5k, but D and I ran it last year with some great friends.  I'd definitely recommend it to anyone in the Hartford, Ct area.  It's a great short run to keep you motivated during the winter.

Still not enough races.. 

So two 5ks on the race plan, and I'm already eye-ing another short race.  This is one of the few times of year when D and I aren't training for a long race, and I suppose I get a bit carried away with the small races- but I'm OK with that.  They're fun, easier, and relatively cheap.  Besides, 'tis the season!

A monument to an addiction..
So for another mini-race, I'm trying to find one to ring in the New Year.  D and I ran a wonderful New Years Day 5k by Boston last year (D's description of the Needham 5k is here).  However, this year we're going to be in DC.   So far as I can tell, DC is not as big on the whole New Years Day races thing.  But I did find at least one New Year themed race:


Anyone know anything about 4 mile races? :)

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