Sunday, March 23, 2014

Four Courts Four Miler


First of all:

The Four Courts Four Miler was a really fun, if slightly challenging race.  It's an out and back course, which starts and ends with a fairly steep, nearly mile long hill.  D didn't find it that challenging, but it was all I could do not to swear during that final steep uphill to the finish.  I foresee another racing photo of me wincing in agony...

The best part of this race is that they start a "leprechaun" (ie fast runner in crazy outfit) about ten minutes after the everyone else.  For every person he passes, a dollar goes to charity, and for every person who beats him you get a little gift at the finish line.  It's also possible that the best part of this race is that you can get a free Guiness at the finish.  Either way, it's a cute race with lots of spirit.

Second of all:

My hamstrings are really tight.  I ran 13 miles yesterday, and then went to pilates this morning before a short recovery run.  My inability to bend correctly is getting a little ridiculous and more than a little embarrassing.  D already has a foam roller, so I just invested in one of these-

The Stick Marathon Stick

Lets hope it's worth it!

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