Monday, March 10, 2014

A Long, Rough Winter

C here.  It has been a long, rough winter for running: 
  • Some good things have happened (i.e. finally placing first place in my age/gender group in a small Thanksgiving 5k!)

My favorite type of snail mail!

  • Some not so-fun-things have happened (i.e. falling on ice and crashing in snowbanks, running in 0 degree weather wearing so many layers I waddled, getting a never ending series of colds that set back my training a surprising amount)

From one particularly nasty running fall on ice, where my gloves were totaled, but my hands were fine

  • Some things just happened (i.e. had a ton of fun in New Orleans, and D and I met one of my favorite people ever at the finish of a RnR half...but neither D nor I had the half marathon we'd trained for)

Proudly sporting the Garmin D got me :)

But we're still here, still running, and still finding our way back to our pre-winter fitness!  Next up, a 4 miler on Saturday
Jingle all the Way 8k in December - great race, good results, and I'd nearly forgotten about it!

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